The Alpine Kids Experience

Here at Alpine Kids Dentistry your child’s oral health and happiness trumps anything else. We want your child to feel welcome, safe, and well cared for. Please don’t be offended if/when we greet them before we do you. This visit is about your child and their developing personality. Going to the dentist isn’t easy for most individuals, child or adult alike. However, we pride ourselves in our ability to help your child have a positive dental adventure in our office. Our goal is to provide your child with an experience that makes them feel like they are the most important little explorer in the world.

Come, see what our adventures are like and allow your child to have fun with us! We. Can’t. Wait!

Our Team

Dr. Kevin Brown is a board certified pediatric dentist. He and his team at Alpine Kids Dentistry love treating children, goofing around, talking about superhero's and princesses, and fighting sugar bugs together! They take oral health seriously and will do all they can to educate and empower you and your child so that life's greatest adventures can be experienced with a healthy smile! Come, meet us!

Meet Our Team